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On a demandé à un Senior Policy Analyst...13 octobre 2017

After my research presentation - "I don't understand why you even did this project. Why did you choose to even do this research?"

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I was speechless...

Communities In Schools

How do you consider your writing and presentation skills in a scale of 1-10?

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10, I've been doing it for a while with great success in my previous positions.


No tough Questions! Explain a tough decision you took.

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Should be quiet easy if you have real experience.

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

What is my previous experience with international trade?

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I have experience working with several companies in relation to foreign investment and arbitration. Moins

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

In a Situation, Action, Result format, describe a time you had to use your own approach to face a challenge. What were the results (or what did you deliver) and what were the challenges and successes you encountered?

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Hi, how soon did you hear back from them after the panel round

Council of State Governments Justice Center

I choked when she asked me how the website I would be working on could be improved.

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This is a basic question and one I should have answered easily. I knew the answer and had looked at the website multiple times during the interview process. I can only say keep your head in the game. Moins

Government of Canada

Tell me about yourself?

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This I felt was handled well as it is a common question.

Meridian CU

What type of risks impact the credit union?

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I described credit risk, interest rate risk as well as market risk.

Government of the Northwest Territories

They will ask our or how you deal with difficult co-worker.

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Make sure to refer to yourself as a consensus builder. They are crazy about consensus in the GNWT Moins

Government of Canada

general relevant experience

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general relevant experience

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