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Samsung Electronics
On a demandé à un Senior Research Scientist...22 octobre 2016

What's your strengths for this position

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For this famous company it will lead to hundred percent

Gk question


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FM Global

what would you do with a situation where you have multiple priorities?

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thnx for review. how long did it take to hear back about the interview feedback?

Could you please share some of the technical questions?


They have arranged an excellent technical team of the interviewers & they had mostly concentrated on the basic technical skills and team player things. They did very ethical personal questions stare to family and life style. Interviewers were technically sound and their approach were excellent in all aspect.

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I answered most of the questions as the questions were from my area of expertise. Moins


structure elucidation by mass spectrometry and basic approach!! LC-MS, HPLC, UV, FTIR basics related to pharmaceuticals. Team handling, work on pressurised situations, ethical and need of job.

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questions were from my area of expertise; they were satisfied with my technical approach. Moins

Chromocell Corp.

Given the molar mass of NaCl, how would you make a 50mM NaCl solution?

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Trivial for anyone who's taken freshman-level chemistry.

Science Systems and Applications

When can I start?

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Told them ASAP.

Xcelerate Solutions

They asked about my whole area of interests.

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How to do the troubleshooting?

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Make an example, let them know you have the ability to do the troubleshooting.

Bio-Rad Laboratories

Where do you get your ideas from? Why are you working in science today?

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Pointed at my head. Also, ideas come from interactions with colleagues from different fields, innovation happens at the intersection of disciplines. I work in science because it is still fun after all these years. Moins


Tell me what you know about the company and the department

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based on what I read on their website

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