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Johnson & Johnson
On a demandé à Senior Sales Representative...19 octobre 2010

What is something your company did that you disagreed with?

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Perhaps it was to have a boss who could not differentiate the treatment of the house with the obligations of the one in the office. You have to differentiate, because you can not come with a problem at home and have a sour face and treat it badly, or do not treat people in the office. Moins

This, as I see it, is a private interview, in which you intervene indirectly asking me, which is what I did not like in such a situation. Moins

When they say there will be no special treatment for former employees with outstanding performance. Moins


Why Allergen Ranking of priorities (probing, features/benefits, objection handling, closing and relationship building. I had 20 minutes to plan my day in the field, I was given a list of scheduled and unscheduled events. The manager did not look at my brag book.

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Manager said there were no wrong or right answers to the scenarios given.

Eyemart Express

What sales process do you use?

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I was taught to use life styles.

Full Measure

There were a lot of questions regarding my previous sales experiences.

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I explained how I continuously hit my quota and the various strategies I used.

Nu Look Home Design

What do you do outside of your job?

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I like to spend time with friends, family, read and work on personal development. Moins


Being that I have 20 resumes that look the same as your, what will you do differently to separate you from the rest of the group?

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Creative, out of office, knowing office staff and finding out about docs habits, what made them change products, how can I make your life easier, major issues in you job and what takes up most of your time? Do I have something or a resource that can help them? That'll get you some face time if you help the staff out too... Moins

Mondelēz International

Name a time where you handled adversity

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Experience from organization in College


are you willing to work long hours and do whatever it takes to close business

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No ethical grounding at this company-stay away!

Global Partners

Are you a team player?

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Yes, as I have always been in a team environment.

Bluegreen Vacations

what is one thing i can bring to the table

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positivity and a drive to succeed every single day

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