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How the viewpager is implemented?

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When a fragment is loaded, the next one and the previous one are in cache.

Add in xml , create adapter , send fragments instance to adapter instance , the viewpager will show fragments by order

Quel genre d'entreprises vous cherchez ?

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Etude d"un code en C++. Paradigme object Questions classique sur le language. Questions sur les structures de données Questions d'algorithmie

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What is your view on diversity and equality?

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We are a fast-moving company that tries things first without excessive planning beforehand. Could you handle it?

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Spring, Java, Hibernate The technical interview is an exchange session, no Question / Answer format

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Calculate how many ping pong balls can be placed inside an airplane with an approximation of 10%

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The exercise of technical interview seemed invented 2 min after interview started. Two interviewers have jumped in without preparing anything. Finally after a wee pause the one of them asked me to provide Scala implementation of a list. When I asked to precise what kind of list he meant, his answer was - immutable linked list.

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Find the longest path in a DAG of positive integers Implement a paint procedure Design messenger What is your ideal job

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