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On a demandé à un Senior Staff Data Scientist...7 août 2020

1- ML and Deep learning questions 2- Sparse matrix implementation 3- unit testing

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2- Use dictionary in python 3- Just consider edge cases

Element Biosciences

How did you troubleshoot? How stable is the transposase? Did you have experience mentoring other people?

EEC Environmental

I was asked how much experience I had in rather particular detail, down to how many specific types of report I had done.

EEC Environmental

If I was ok with doing more "menial" work on occasion, such as phone answering, report compiling, lower staff level work.

Langan Engineering and Environmental Services

Tell me a difficult situation you encountered in the field and how you handled it?


How do you manage and lead efforts to promote accuracy in clinical research.

Valo Health

Why I was interested? What kind of skills I have?


Process: Life Story, Simple Pandas Exercise, 2 "technical" conversations, Simple python OOP exercise


Mathematical solution to system of equations

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