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On a demandé à un Sr. Supplier Quality Engineer...6 juin 2022

How many different suppliers have I visited during my time as an SQE?

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Over a hundred. Maybe closer to 200 suppliers.


Priority between open roles between SQE, internal quality, and IE

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I gave 3 priorities


Give an example of a time when you were able to persuade someone over to your viewpoint.


Give an example of a time when you used your work experience to establish a business relationship and how did that develop.

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I gave an instance of working with an individual from a supplier and how that continued on as they moved on to different employers. Moins


Basic Quality tools and applications


Nothing too hard but the questions were not something that a HM from a company that claims to hire the best of the best would ask.


The interview never happened. After setting up the call the HR did not show up and never replied to emails.


Explain your experience with root cause analysis and lean when dealing with a problem for a non conforming part.

Amy's Kitchen

What is your experience with performing pre-operational environmental pathogen swabs? (Immediately after cleaning but before production)

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I asked them if this was a serious question, to swab for environmental pathogens after conducting cleaning. It appears that this is common practice at Amy's Kitchen. Moins


What is your current salary and expectation for this job?

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The expectations for this job salary will be based on the entire package and the work environment and the option for some remote work. Moins

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