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On a demandé à un Senior Tax Analyst...3 novembre 2016

Why was I seeking a step down from my former title of manager.

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I prefer the hand-on preparation process that utilizes my strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and excellent documentation. Just like a teacher that prefers teaching verses becoming an administrator. The talents required for each position are different. Moins

Did you get hired?


One of the questions was what kind of management style I was most comfortable with.

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I preferred a hands-off management style but expected that I would be provided the resources necessary to accomplish my duties. Moins


1. Walk me through your resume 2. What is your job profile in your current organisation and why do you want to leave it 3. Director gave a brief idea of what this department does and then asked me what did you understand about this department by what I said 4. Family background 5. Questions related to GST

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The overall interview was good. Since I already had an experience in this field I was selected after the first round only. I did not have to sit for any exam. Moins


Explain what ASC 740 experience you may have. How do you calculate effective tax rates? How do you prepare a provision calculation and what is the journal entry to book the adjustment?

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This was my second interview and it started by being told it was a basic interview to get to know each other and no technical questions would be asked. I snooped on LinkedIn and saw the last person in this position only stayed for a little over 1 year before again moving to another company (red flag). Moins

Air Products

Conocimiento de diferidos fiscales y proceso de contabilización

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Ejercicio práctico


What are you seeking in making the move to Deloitte?

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I provided them an honest response regarding the lack of opportunities and diverse projects at my prior employer. They appreciated the honesty. Moins


what’s the most complex tax matter you have done

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I talked about some file I did

Atlas Energy

How can you apply your skills to this job?

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Explained my previous work experience.

Koch Industries

various behavorial questions were asked. For example, tell me about a time when you did not have enough information or knowledge to complete a task.

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explained by giving examples of previous projects where I didn't know everything I needed to and how I went about asking questions or researching to develop myself and being able to handle the task at hand. Moins


Fale 3 palavras que definem você

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Honestidade, Família e Lealdade.

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