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On a demandé à un Senior Test Analyst...16 mars 2017

There were two rounds. Written exam and personal interview 1. written test has majorly ISTQB questions. total 18 questions. Level of difficulty is easy but there is never enough time to answer all the questions. duration of exam - 50 minutes. Its a paper based exam, hence not enough space to write answers even if you want to write more. It seemed more like a history exam in school, as the marks are based on how much you write. 2. Personal Interview: Questions asked were mainly behavioral. The guy who interviewed me was not even looking at me, while asking questions. As I was answering it, he was busy writing down whatever I was saying on a piece of paper. I am pretty sure he did not even make an attempt in understanding whatever i was explaining : the concepts, examples, processes, etc. He was not able to write down even 10% of what I said. ( FYI: my English and communication skills are above average)

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Hi Pooja Doshi (yes it was easy to work out who this comment was made by), We are more than disappointed with this poor feedback given that you turned up late for the exam and interview with no apology, were rude to reception and also senior staff within the office, lacked maturity and understanding, had zero knowledge of the company (Planit) that you were being interviewed for, were poorly dressed considering you were attending an interview, were not flexible on travel albeit interviewing for a consultancy business who have clients all around VIC and finally lacked any depth of knowledge in any answers to questions asked. Thanks and good luck with your continued job search, Kris Moins

He was only asking whatever was in the paper. For anything I answered, he said ok and moved on to the next question, as if he was not interested in anything I was saying. Very unhappy that such a big consultancy who interview so many people, are still stuck with a paper based exam and have inexperienced staff to interview skilled people. Moins


Components of a testing plan?

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We NEVER ask questions like "Components of a testing plan?" during the interview. Maybe this candidate was in some other company... Moins

Cognizant Technology Solutions

How to handle window in selenium

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Using window handle

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Automation frame works and tools used .

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explained about the one that i implemented in the last project .

ATB Financial

About conflict at work and how I resolved it

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This is general question and one can answer very easily if he really experienced that kind of situation. I replied with an example that happened with me at my previous company Moins

JLT Group

Technical - Manual Testing, Automation Testing, Automation Tools, Scripting language

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Answered all very well.


How many basketballs can you fill in a room?

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If I were in your place, I will act and ask the following questions, based on the answers we can calculate and answer. Well, It depends on the size of the basketball and the room, Q1. What is the size of the room? Q2. What is the size of the basketball? Q3. Are all basketballs you are trying to fit are similar in size and materials Q3. What is the basketball status - inflated or not? Q4.What is the basketball made up of in regards to the material - so may we can push it into the room. And I will leave it to interview panel, cheers :-) Moins


Describe SDLC

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Union and joins in SQL


what is priority and severity

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Priority: It can defined as the product which has closest delivery date Severity: It can defined as the product which has highest impact in delivery, delivery shall fail/stopped if the problem with highest Severity has not been fixed Moins

Aristocrat Technologies

Asked about algorithms test cases for pen RTM, Test Plan

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I answered all questions but the interviewer was not looking in mood. He was interrupting in between the answers and suddenly start asking asking next question. Moins

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