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What will you do with a non performing manager?

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I answered that we should put in place a plan to recover performance and after the same question 3 times finally I gave them the answer they wanted...Fire him!

Fool. Why didn't you heed the warnings on Glassdoor? No matter how you perform, you will one say become the non-performer and terminated.

I bet the General Manager you mentioned is no longer there. I bet if you polled current employees and asked them if there hiring manager was still employed at Rain Bird, 90% of the employees with over 3 years in the company would answer "no". In fact, this is a great question for interviewing applicants to ask their Rain Bird interviewers. They then would really see the high turnover that takes place. More on this later...............

Question sur les loisirs, le sport, afin de déterminer le degrés d'integration du candidat

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Votre expérience ? Quels sont les technologies déjà utilisées

Aucune question particulièrement difficile. Nous avons parlé de mes expériences, de mes aspirations, d'une situations managériales réussie et d'une difficile.

Do you have children? Do you plan to have children?

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