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On a demandé à un Sewing Machine Operator...9 mars 2016

What type of experience do you have?

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More that 2 year

I was worked in my home long time ago en sewing I was made dress of women and I was worked to in the company zona franca in Managua Nicaragua 9 months and I was worked in the recycle company in Burlington Edterra one year and was worked in the company durabon in cleaner apartment for one year too Moins

More of 2 years

USA Canvas Shoppe

How long have you been sewing?

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I've been hand sewing since 2009, but have been machine sewing for about a decade. Moins


why do you want to work for us?

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Because I need a job to pay bills just like everyone else. simple answer.


Why do you want this job.

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I like working as a team.

Canada Goose

Do you have experience using industrial single needle, double needle, and over lock machines.

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for myself I have 3+ years on single needle and over lock machines, as well as minimal experience on double needle. Moins

Lee Industries

Do you have experience sewing upholstery material?

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Yes, I have several years (30+) of sewing experience which includes the sewing of upholstery material as well as cutting and inspecting. Moins

Innotex ENERGY

They did not do a drug test! I thought this was kind of strange that this company doesn't care if they screen for drug addicts or not.

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Come to find out after being hired, they permit certain people to come to work hung over because of alcohol. The supervisor knows this. The supervisor also knows that certain people go and drink their lunch instead of eating their lunch. Their are some that do do drugs. This has been witnessed by other employees. Moins


Not to tell temp agency they offered me a job. Did good job thru temp agency took drug test they call you back in for orientation two months training asked preferred skill level

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Said Id be glad to have a job and dump the temp agency and I wouldn't tell them anything. I was glad to get interview.Basic questions .Educational background, job experience etc Moins

Fechheimer Brothers

How long have you been sewing?

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About 5 years.


My way of getting there, like Transportation wise

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I said I would figure it out and that I would probably have to use the bus most of the time Moins

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