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On a demandé à un Shift Supervisor...6 novembre 2017

What is your security background?

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Owner lied about being a sheriff he is a con artist

Smart work and satisfaction in my job

I had 6 years total. 2 unarmed and 4 armed

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Rite Aid

What do you do if you see an employee stealing?

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When Hr having sexy with upper management what can I so smh

When Hr having sexy with upper management what can I so smh

Can we her Loreal out of Rite Aid she having sex a district mangers and our APA manger. Who can I go to for help without getting fired. Please help me Moins

Rite Aid

A customer comes up to you with an expired coupon ... you know the policy states we do not except expired coupons ... what do you tell the customer?

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You explain to the customer that the company has a store policy of not excepting expired coupons but, that I would allow the coupon as a one time courtesy for being a valued rite aid shopper. Moins

My answer would be that the response to the customer would be a case by case decision, if it was a reasonable situation, the coupon expired less than 30 days ago, and it was necessary to save the sale I would explain the policy but make an exception for the customer. I think that this response shows that you care about company policy and profits but you are also flexible and understand that there are times when you need to make decisions to save a sale. Moins

I’m a shift supervisor in a NH store.

Sunstates Security

Tell me your experience in security?

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I have none except as bouncer.

I'm available all the time.

I don't have experience.


Are you ok with firing people?

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Is this HR person from the Third Reich?

Surprising question

CVS Health

What is your greatest weakness?

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I was asked this question when I had a similar meeting about moving to assistant store manager. Moins

I answered with a problem I faced and what I did to solve it. My example was customer experience scores and meeting target. My solution was to offer my cashier's a $10 gift card "approved by my district manager" if we made target by offering help and walking every customer to item. We made target that month and rewarded the cashier's. Their response was a promotion. Hope this helps! Moins


Qu’est ce que je ferais si j’aurais un soucis avec un de mes collaborateurs au sein de l’équipe

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Je le prendrait à part et lui demander le pourquoi de sont comportement.

Je lui ferais part de mon mécontentement mais pas devant les clients

HeartShare Human Service of New York

How well are you with 1:1 individuals?

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Education Background?

I do well with 1:1 I have an A.S in Early Childhood Education Past 10years with A.C.S Juvenile Detention as a Juvenile Counselor now Youth Development Specialist Moins


What is your management style?

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I don't have a style. I manage the right way.

??? A friend brought up the fact of @ milwaukee plant it takes forever to do certain things in H.R. dept. like her health insurance and if she would happen to get injured anywhere/ or[ god forbid]simply need it for regular check-ups and visits were to be critical/ pass away; whose fault would that end up being when she did everything she personally could have done until waiting for companyto get back to her (H.r.) It's an extremely serious matter in which it shall be done immediately> a job where h.r. was prompt and on time with everything that an employee would need to efficiently and do their job in a safe manner would havehat was the only thing she needed and it wasnt fullfilled. Just wondering if it would get done if Miss A would have stayed Moins


how do I deal with difficult conflicts

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my response to the question I sit down find out what the problem was and resolve it Moins

I sit down find out what the problem was and resolve it

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