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On a demandé à un Assistant Social Media Editor...23 octobre 2018

Would you be fine with working some weekends, having to quickly make posts about breaking news?

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Yes. It would be an interesting way to be up to date with global current events.

Yes. After all, four decades working college sports weekends and week-nights as well is pretty fair training. And I could fix up my own bad hot dogs. Moins

What ideas would you have for the social media account?

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I planned in advance with my ideas concerning social media, and presented them with documents of Instagram accounts I felt would be good to replicate for the business. Moins

Sheffield Hallam University

Why do you think you'd be a good fit for the job?

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I brought my portfolio!


If I gave you 4 blog post topics could you finish all the posts in 1 day

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Depends on the nature of the posts.

York University

Experience related questions, and situational questions (i.e. If you had a large project and a short deadline, how would you handle it?)

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Create a workback schedule and organize the larger project into smaller chunks.

Philly Marketing Group

How would you define Marketing?

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Marketing is connecting with the desired target market on a level that drives interest in the company or product. Moins

JW Maxx Solutions

So, you were a *insert completely random position that you've never held* ?

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Maybe this is a tactic used in an alternative/experimental interviewing method?

They asked very personal questions regarding my religious beliefs and my stance on women's reproductive rights.

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I tried keeping the conversation professional, and to focus on my qualifications and experience. Moins


Name a time your over came a difficult situation

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Use the star method they love it


How would you recruit experts?

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I answered the question with a detailed plan and amendments to said plan if something wasn't as successful as I had hoped for. Moins

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