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On a demandé à un Content & Community Manager (Social Media)...24 mai 2022

What is your greatest strength and weakness?

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Loyalty. My friends would say I'm loyal and would take a bullet for them. My mother would say that my loyalty means people can walk all over me, so I've developed some self-awareness as a result of that. Moins

Kaiser Permanente

What is your strength ?

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My confidence is my strength.

Hospital 57357

why do you want to be a part of this place

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because i appreciate this place and their role in egypt as it considered egyptian pride all over the world Moins

R+L Carriers

Most difficult? I was asked why I was a better candidate than the others being considered. This brings the answer to personality, as I imagine we were all well qualified for the position. I imagine this question and my answer was used to best identify the best fit for this small tight knit department.

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My answer included bits about my diverse background and experience. I had a generous amount of professional experience in relation to what might be expected by applicants for a non supervisory or management position. Moins

American Cancer Society

I had to present a presentation of my knowledge of ACS

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Performed presentation with information found online


What was the worst experience with a client and what did you do about it?

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I've invested time and more empathy than usual.

Nestlé Purina U.S.

Share 1 or 2 favorite/most successful pieces of social content that was written by myself.

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Presented previous two clients I had worked with socially, one in which i set up a community from scratch creating interesting culturally diverse content to attract fans and followers and the second working in and managing a community completely engaging on mobile only. Moins


If I would like to apply for another position as well.

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What do you see as your biggest challenge or weakness?

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Pretty standard response!


How active are you on social media?

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I used almost all mojorly used social media platforms/ application and have over 500+ followers on each platform Moins

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