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Vitality UK
On a demandé à un Social Media and Community Manager...4 août 2022

What is your experience? Do you lead social-first campaigns? What is an example of a successful social-first campaign you have run?

Les ECO-Isolateurs

"Parlez-nous de votre parcours scolaire."

Bonial International

They seemed arrogant and not interested in their applicants.

Marketplace Events

What are three skills you think a social media community manager needs to possess to be successful?

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Active Listening, Empathy and Copywriting skills.

Marketplace Events

What is your greatest strength and weakness?

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Loyalty. My friends would say I'm loyal and would take a bullet for them. My mother would say that my loyalty means people can walk all over me, so I've developed some self-awareness as a result of that. Moins


It was super weird because I've never met the hiring manager although I delivered a 60-min case study. The HR manager said they liked it, but they need additional things to see from my previous experiences - which were prepared for the other companies with different strategies in different industries. And then, they said they are not well enough to proceed to the next step. During the job searching process, I interviewed with more than 30 companies and this is the first time that I see something like that - being evaluated with something that is not related to the company and case study performance directly.


Can you please create social media posts that reach each of our key target audiences? Beyond online, how do you plan to reach our target audience? Come up with a few creative ideas that can be implemented in the offline world.

Eyestorm Productions

What is your pay salary expectations?


Why are you considering a carrer change?

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