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On a demandé à un Junior React Developer...26 septembre 2022

Tell me of a time you experienced a problem and how you solved this?

NeeyamoWorks Technologies

The online assessment contains QA, reasoning, logical which was not too tough. In Written technical, all the coding questions are very simple like printing pattern in C /C++ programming language


Activity lifecycle, fragment lifecycle, experience with Kotlin


Questions on java such as difference between java and python were asked. Some other ques were on linked lists, global variables, local variables


She was asking theory questions and coding questions. She asked me 2-3 coding questions and need to solve on some coding platform at that time. Also she asked me about MySQL .


Q: How many years of experience in web development?

Great Kapital

Data Structures, Java 8, Binary trees, sorting, etc

Trellis Rx

A basic rundown of the interview process.

Palo Alto Networks

Can't believe technical panel asked package details, its pathetic. Technical recruiters are hopeless


Spring boot, Java 8, Mysql, GCP, etc

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