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Rheal Software
On a demandé à Software Programmer...28 juin 2012

write a sql query to swap the genders i.e. from male to female and vice versa ?

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thanks..can u please post other question

i want list of rheal sql questions...pls help me

i want list of rheal sql questions...pls help me

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Aston Technologies Inc.

Name 5 ways to use a pencil besides writing.

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Firewood, paperweight, chew toy, dart (with a paper board), knife

Throwing it at the ceiling for entertainment. Breaking the lead off in a door knob to prevent key entry. Reset a router to factory default. Pretending like you are writing. Karate chopping skills. Moins


Why did you apply for this position?

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To gain knowledge and enhance my skill.

I beleive with the skillset i have backed up with my experience, i will be of good help in the progress of the company. Moins


You are given two rope of equal length and a lighter. If you light a rope at one end, it takes an hour for it to completely burn, but it does not burn at a constant rate. For example, the first quarter of the rope might take 50 mins to burn and the remaining three quarters might only take 10 mins. Using this knowledge, how would you figure out when 45 mins have passed.

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If you light a rope at both ends, it takes 30 mins for it to completely burn. So you light one rope at both ends and the other rope at one end,. After 30 mins, rope one is completely burnt and rope two has 30 mins of burning left. Light the other end of rope two and it will take 15 mins to finish burning. Moins

Use the cell phone


perchè è meglio un ciclo for o perchè un ciclo while

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Potresti descrivere nel dettaglio il colloquio tecnico successivo al corso? Grazie in anticipo per la tua valutazione. Moins

Software Paradigms

Technical questions like oops, c#, sql, performance tuning

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Answered the question appropriately and the technical questions need to be explained in proper way to specific questions Moins

Qual o seu filme favorito?

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Nethues Technologies

In interviews First round of the HR of the company check all my qualification data with associated subject and college after completed this step continue my Technical round with hard and hard questions .

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i replied all question as a frequently and with positive response .

IT Shastra

have you done deployement

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yes. full cycle

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