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On a demandé à un Software Tester/Quality Assurance...5 janvier 2012

You are taking a test and one of the questions has been smudged so it is not legible, based on the answers alone, what has to be the correct answer: A. all of the below B. none of the below C. all of the above D. one of the above E. none of the above F. none of the above

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Maybe I'm having a bad day, but I don't get why F. is the answer.

I believe it's E, not F. If A is true, B has to be true - contradiction. If B is true, D is also true - contradiction. If C is true, A and B have to be true, but they are not. D can't be true because we already ruled out all of those above D. (skip E) F can't be true because E would also be true, which contradicts F. (back to E) E may be true because we did rule out all of the above. And if E is true then F is false, which is also consistent. Moins

This is incorrect. E only states that the letters above are incorrect, but does not disprove F. Thus, E also includes F as a true statement. However, F disproves the truth of E. Therefore the only answer does that is not contradicted by anything else is F. Moins

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test life cycle in assurance

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explained all phases of test lifecycle

Software Testing Life Cycle 1.Requirment analysis 2.Test planning 3.Test Designing/Test case development 4.Environment setup 5.Test Execution 7.Test cycle closure/Test reporting Moins

Software Testing Life Cycle 1.Requirment analysis 2.Test planning 3.Test Designing/Test case development 4.Environment setup 5.Test Execution 7.Test cycle closure/Test reporting Moins

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Define test cases for withdrawing money from ATM. Give positive and negative test cases. Also tell how does informatica work and what all work is done in it.

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answered positive and negative test cases

Positive Test cases : 1.Insert the valid card Machine should accept ATM card 2 Enter valid PIN number Should accept the valid PIN number 3.Select the language Details should be displayed with respective to the selected language 4. selection of account type Based on the selected acc type details should be displayed 5.Perform withdrawal operation successful withdrawal should be takes place Negative test cases: 1.Insert the invalid card Machine should rejecting expired card 2.Enter Invalid Pin number unsuccessful operation due to wrong PIN number 3.Select invalid acc type unsuccessful operation due to invalid account type 4.Withdraw more than expected limit Unsuccessful operation due to exceeding the limit 5.withdraw amt more than in the balance unsuccessful operation due to greater than balance Moins

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write a for loop program to print a line 10 times

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i just wrote the program

for(i=0;i<=10;i++) { System.out.println("Hello World" }


there were more question on the Performance side and scalability of application in the test which is not needed for a Manual testing profile.

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Technical ..

is written test aptitude or technical?


easy questions

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Just have your basics right

sis the interview based on technical...or technical is a part of interview. on what basis the interview goes.. Moins

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Testing Basics

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Easy question on severeity and priority


What's is multicast? How do u know your decisions are right?Q: What was one thing that they asked you?

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How did you answer this question? (Optional)

Intelligence Node

Nothing unexpected questions. But i expected technical rounds

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No technical rounds were there

What is black box testing

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It's a manual testing whereby the tester doesn't have a full knowledge of the internal required of the test Moins

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