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On a demandé à un Sports Content Writer...26 août 2019

Why did oyu apply for this role considering it's not something you have done before?

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My aim in life is to grow within a hard working and well developed company. Seeing that WIS was not only fairly new, but could see the potential to grow within the company was a no brainier in my opinion. The fact the the job requirements was that the correct candidate had to have a strong knowledge in sports, i feel that i was a good match. I explained my desire to work hard and develop my skills. Moins

CG Technology


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7 years

Times Internet

Do you follow sports?

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I've been following sports since I was a kid.


No questions

Ultimate Athlete Magazine

There weren't any real tough questions.

The Hockey Writers

How long have you been writing?

The Michigan Daily

Not applicable because after 5 stories I got the job and did’t have to interview.

Reach PLC

How would you handle writing a breaking news article about a sensitive subject?

KaFe Rocks

What is good content in your opinion? What is your knowledge of SEO? How do you track whether your work is ranking? How do you structure content? What do you think about the hiring process?

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