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On a demandé à un Senior Program Manager...10 août 2022

What is your experience with financial reporting and predictive financial performance?


Tell me about a time you had to resolve a conflict with your manager.


The loop was extremely detailed and required a lot of data and specific information. Definitely not an interview that you can do without preparation. You’re also expected not to repeat examples so come prepared with at least 3-5 strong answers with data for each situational question you practice. Additionally, they expect you to answer in the STAR method.

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The approach I utilize for communicating difficult information (i.e. schedule slippage) to senior leadership was asked. This was a great question because it taps into your commitment to integrity and whether you use avoidance as a strategy when transparency may be better albeit more challenging election.

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Honesty and transparency are core values of mine and I am very comfortable presenting difficult news. I also explained that with careful relationship and trust building, I am able to not only comfortably communicate bad news, but my supervisors are open to hearing why an alternative path is being recommended and how that will benefit the overall delivery. Moins


STAR based questions on their Leadership Principles.


Tell me an example where you learned something new on your own, and then applied it to your job, and what impact did it have


Nothing was structured, it was all casual conversation.


Describe how you handle problems. Present project plan based on case study


Typical behavioral questions, especially with regards to managing a team and a project.


Tell me about the time when ..... Bla bla bla :D

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