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On a demandé à un Staff Attorney...26 février 2016

No questions about my experience, skills, or education, but he did ask me illegal interview questions such as if I was married and if I had kids.

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I went ahead and answered the questions rather than decline. Ultimately, I knew I didn't want to work there no matter what the salary he offered me so it was just easier to answer the questions than it would have been to explain to the owner that he was asking illegal questions. Moins

Legal Aid at Work

I believe they asked where I would see myself a few years out.

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I said I was looking for an organization I could stay at long term.

Where do you see yourself in 5 year

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they really like to see people that are committed to immigration law and the cause. Moins

Bronx Defenders

The interview was conversational and really focused on discussing the commitment to public defense and South Bronx communities as well as assessing fit within the organization’s approach and values.

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I’m terms of answering the question, it is candidate-specific, especially what bring you to the work of public defense. Moins


Why are you the right candidate for the job?

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Likewise, matching my skills/experience with the job requirements.


Why do you want to work here

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(Can't remember: something to do with my skills and interests matching)

Georgia Legal Services

What is your experience assisting indigent people or those with low incomes and how are you able to address their unique challenges representing them?

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While working at the last firm Cooper Barton Cooper, I was assigned to criminal cases that were from GPDC (public defender office). It take patience ,learning to hear and listen to see how they can be helped. The quality of a case is not built on economic standards but the person how they can be served. Everyone needs help once and a while. Challenges will arise when you may not be able to assist everyone, but by goals many can be. Moins

American Civil Liberties Union

Beyond the usual interview questions, they posed a hypothetical, and asked how I would handle.

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I focused on process initially, but they were really interested in a substantive analysis. Moins

Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossmann

Are you a licensed attorney (any US jurisdiction)

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Our House members are very difficult to work with and can be unprofessional. How would you deal with that?

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The optimal answer to this is that you're a doormat with no opinions or self esteem and you will be happy to be a voiceless slave to the 100+ "bosses" that comprise House membership. Moins

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