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On a demandé à un Staff Pharmacist...2 janvier 2017

Why do you want to work for Safeway?

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The hallmark of all customer service is meeting expectations, and then exceeding them with a commitment to excellence. The customer wants you to meet their expectations of service, that this can only be achieved if you, as leader, are ensuring this. You are always observing, correcting, coaching, this proper way of service. You must instill in your crew the understanding that we are honored that you the customer selected us to serve you. That this translates to a desire to be a customer advocate. That this advocacy is a charge to do your utmost to ensure the best service, price and outcome. That service is in the end expectations, meeting them or if need be resetting the expectations so the customer is kept informed of the expected time of completion or outcome. That issues arising from insurance, out of stock, or any delay that needs to be communicated to the customer. This communication to customer is critical in resetting expectations which ensure the desired outcome of a happy customer. Moins

Organizational Skills company budget payroll inventory Avoid loss of inventory thru out of dates Keep the accurate file for schedule 2 File the RX according to the roll and regulation And so on… Moins

Enthusiasm Once you enter the store, your focus should be on your job with enthusiasm, positive attitude, and happiness. This type of attitude will allow you to have a great day dealing with your co-workers, pharmacy staff, previous patients and new patients. Phrases such as, good morning, you’re appreciated, please, thank you, and you’re welcome are very important to tell the staff. Every time you hand prescriptions to the patients you should wish they are feeling better after they are using the medicine. Moins

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Al Ansari Exchange

Do you smoke?

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How many race heats are needed to find the 3 fastest pinewood derby cars out of a field of 8, if only 4 cars can run at a time (assuming that every car will always run the way/speed and each lane is exactly equivalent)?

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so is the answer 4 heat 1 (first 4 car) + 1 (4 second set) + 1( Top 2 from first + Top 2 from second set) + 1 (3 car heat among the 3rd placed car) Moins

Only two races of four cars in each. Get the times of all cars and sort them. You don't need any more races because the times will be the same in subsequent races. :) Moins

4 if we cant measure time

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Just leave a message here with the questions & I will post the solution in 5-10 minutes if I have got the same questions or I will write the solution if I know it. I got 3 coding problems to be done 90 minutes.

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Thanks for quick help, it helped me to clear the coding round. But is the use of CCAT now & how can I work on this? Moins

For CCAT one can prepare for mathematical aptitude questions, questions around the next number in the given series of numbers. Have some practise around simple simple probability, permutation/combination questions. You will also see many questions around the given figures where you need to identify the next figure or which figure doesn't match in the given list of figures. If you are Indian candidate then you will have 20 minutes to solve these 40 questions, else you will get 15 minutes to solve 50 questions. First part will be your Personality test with no time limit & you will get about 150 questions to select the right option as per your view. Second part is aptitude test & calculate the per question time for you & try to answer within that time only or else select your best possible wild guess. There is no negative marking. Now you have given the answers as per your understanding, later you will get the result as per their understanding. All The Best. Moins

I had 2 rounds - Round1 : General Java, ElasticSearch & RestService questions. Round2 : How will you have the counter of visitors, in your Rest based backend. Write some code. What & why will you chose ArrayList or LinkedList for the given scenario. Puzzle on coins flip in dark & divide them in 2 groups. Moins

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Ken's Foods

Are you able to work weekends?

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Yes. I am working everyday even day off and holiday.

Yes, even holidays


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working experience in this field

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Oil spill formen

Well known accounting eg. tally peachtree etc..

2 years

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Golder Associates

I guess not really a question because I was not asked - but several times the same person said she did not think I would be happy there.

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After answering the concern earlier in the interview process I did not know what to say by the end when it kept coming up. I did not think any answer would have changed her mind. Moins

That seems like a very odd and unprofessional thing for an interviewer to say. Even if it was a casual observation on the interviewer's part, I can't see it having any place in an interview for a career-level position. Moins

Based on your parallel to a candy store, I would imagine that the “you won’t be happy here” to mean, we can’t pay you what you’re expecting (ergo, you won’t be “happy” here). I had a very similar situation, I was over qualified for the position but had just moved cities. I was willing to ‘start’ somewhere, but they were skeptical whether I would stay long term, because they knew they couldn’t pay me what I was worth at the time. Moins

LRS Healthcare

What experience do you have?

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13 years of CVICU

job experience as nurse medical technology department .

hi dear sir /madam i am a qualify nurse ,qualify medical laboratory technician degree (pediatric medical) in kabul medical university but unfortunately due to war situation i could not complete i have flown as a refugee in UK i used to work in J R Hospital with a good recommendation letter from (MAUand MSSU) I,ve got a lots of job experience in my country job as nurse in UK hca . Moins

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Juniper Networks

Given a binary tree, how would you write program for getting mirror image of tree in O(n) time? Is it possible ? Assume you have no constraints on space.

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//call mirror( root, img_root) //img_node is passed by reference mirror (node, img_node ): if (node == NULL) return img_node.left = node.right img_node.right = mode.left mirror (node.right, img_node.left) mirror (node.left, img_node.right) Moins

Node mirror(Node node) { if (node == null) return node; /* do the subtrees */ Node left = mirror(node.left); Node right = mirror(node.right); /* swap the left and right pointers */ node.left = right; node.right = left; return node; } Moins

Node mirror(Node node) { if (node == null) return node; Node left = node.left; Node right = node.right; node.left = mirror(right); node.right = mirror(left); return node; } Moins

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Buffalo Wild Wings

Tell me about a time when you had an issue with management and how did you handle the situation?

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I've never really had a problem with my previous management team before, but if i did ever have a problem, like if i were uncomfortable doing something that they told me to do. i would tell them i felt that why Moins

The only problems I have or had with Mang in the past is I work hard fast and im loud so everyone thinks im on something or just a problem person,but no,I belive U haft to B see and heard in life in order to do or go anywhere Moins

I never had an issue with management because I never worked and I want to work

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