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Capital One
On a demandé à un Statistical Model Operation...19 mai 2013

why did you choose factor model? PS: since this is a school project, it is the project requirement that we must use factor model.

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Factor model is better at explaining risky asset's return than CAPM.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Run me through a time where you used statistical methodologies.

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Group project

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

They give you a take-home question based on the nyc-13 dataset r package. Your job is to predict which flights will be late (binary classification problem) . There is a heavy focus on creating new variables and giving an effective 20 minute presentation to a technical group of people.

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The company uses XGBoost and logistic regression models, so it is wise to use these to answer the nyc-13 classification question. Moins

U.S. Cellular

how to predict customers intend to leave us cellular

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look at past data and find pattern


Describe in detail an analytical project you worked on.


Machine Learning Concepts, Puzzles etc.


Just be sure to know your resume


What has been your most difficult class in school, and why?

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Describe a time you helped develop a statistical model at work or on a school project.

Rocket Companies

"What was your most difficult work experience - it doesn't have to be being fired or anything, but something similar to that?"

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