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On a demandé à un X-steel Detailer...25 novembre 2013

Why should I hire you?

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I am hardworking, can take pressure

American Buildings

What is one thing that you want out of a company?

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Safety and honesty

American Buildings

What is your weakness?

American Buildings

Tell me about yourself including work experience.

more questions were based on engineering graphics and strength of materials

Maestro Steel Detailing

How your modelling skills were ? can you explain about the connection between the steel detailing and modelling?

Why should we hire you?

Nucor Grating

aisc standard

American Buildings

Tell me about a time where your had to face a challenging situation? What was your process and how did you over overcome it? What Did u learn from that experience?

American Buildings

Have u ever had to deal with a difficult person? What was tge outcome?

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