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Newbridge Securities
On a demandé à un Stock Broker Trainee...23 février 2011

Can you dial a phone

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This is a great place to work. No drug testing of any kind and Complience does not exist. You can litteraly be home all ad hitting the bong and no one cares. shave a little off the top of your clients accounts.NO Problem!! Moins

lol, is this a joke because these guys are known scammers?

Samuel and Co Trading

What's the most important day in the financial market?

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The first Friday in the month

Where the American indicators about employment

Allied Millennial Partners

We will charge you $ 500 for the digital copyright material?

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Can I buy from the actual seller, it is cheaper?

You get the $500 back if you pass the licensing exams

How much are you willing to make minimum over the next year?

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I would make over 250,000

Allied Millennial Partners

The whole deal is this that we are paying your license, so you have to buy the book from us

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Ok, I would

Allied Millennial Partners

You would have to work without any salary or payment for 2 weeks! Are you ready for that?

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We will give you $ 1200.00 for the time you get us 5 accounts and then you will open an account with a senior representative to distribute the profits 50-50 percent each for the rest of the accounts. When you start getting 50%, there would be no salary! Are you willing to do that? Moins

Charles Schwab

Name an accomplishment you are proud of, professionally or personally.

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Pursued an insurance designation within my first year of employment after graduating and passed all exams on the first attempt. Moins

Charles Schwab

Name a time you have gone above and beyond for a client. What is your financial market knowledge level? Why Charles Schwab? (look up their history on Wikipedia before phone interview).

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Relate a time that you worked harder than you had to. It's ok if it is in an unrelated field. Tell them it is a hobby of yours. Read up on some recent financial news. Look up and be familiar with some company history. Moins


"We dont give a crap about your resume, tell us about yourself"

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Had a story ready that showed my skills that would be beneficial to the job.

Morgan Wilshire Securities

Just asked me about my education and what I was looking to get out of working there.

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Told them I was a college grad with hopes of working on Wall street.

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