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Newbridge Securities
On a demandé à un Stock Broker Trainee...23 février 2011

Can you dial a phone

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This is a great place to work. No drug testing of any kind and Complience does not exist. You can litteraly be home all ad hitting the bong and no one cares. shave a little off the top of your clients accounts.NO Problem!! Moins

lol, is this a joke because these guys are known scammers?

Samuel and Co Trading

What's the most important day in the financial market?

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The first Friday in the month

Where the American indicators about employment

Allied Millennial Partners

We will charge you $ 500 for the digital copyright material?

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Can I buy from the actual seller, it is cheaper?

You get the $500 back if you pass the licensing exams

How much are you willing to make minimum over the next year?

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I would make over 250,000

Allied Millennial Partners

The whole deal is this that we are paying your license, so you have to buy the book from us

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Ok, I would

Allied Millennial Partners

You would have to work without any salary or payment for 2 weeks! Are you ready for that?

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We will give you $ 1200.00 for the time you get us 5 accounts and then you will open an account with a senior representative to distribute the profits 50-50 percent each for the rest of the accounts. When you start getting 50%, there would be no salary! Are you willing to do that? Moins

Charles Schwab

Name a time you have gone above and beyond for a client. What is your financial market knowledge level? Why Charles Schwab? (look up their history on Wikipedia before phone interview).

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Relate a time that you worked harder than you had to. It's ok if it is in an unrelated field. Tell them it is a hobby of yours. Read up on some recent financial news. Look up and be familiar with some company history. Moins

Charles Schwab

Name an accomplishment you are proud of, professionally or personally.

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Pursued an insurance designation within my first year of employment after graduating and passed all exams on the first attempt. Moins


"We dont give a crap about your resume, tell us about yourself"

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Had a story ready that showed my skills that would be beneficial to the job.

Morgan Wilshire Securities

Just asked me about my education and what I was looking to get out of working there.

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Told them I was a college grad with hopes of working on Wall street.

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