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On a demandé à un Associate Director, Strategic Planning...15 avril 2017

What project are you most proud of?

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Spoke about a university web donation portal project where I came to a great insight that was executed perfectly. Moins

US Air Force

What qualifications do you have to do this job?

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I listed qualifications and gave a recent example of events where I exhibited the items listed in the qualifications. Moins


er wordt een cv en een motivatie brief gevraagd

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dat heb ik uitgebreid gedaan

City of Seattle

How would you approach a strategic planning process for a team with revolving leadership?

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Look for a core group that can be an anchor and create effective team cohesion there, then work with the larger group. Moins

Iron Mountain

what value can you bring to the business

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must identify past performance successes and translate those skills into future ideas Moins

City of Seattle

They didn't ask another question!

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So I didn't answer.


According to you, what makes a good leader?

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What are your weaknesses?


None really. I asked most of the questions to the person hiring me.


My Creative brief development process

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