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Alexander Chapman
On a demandé à un Director Level – [Head of] Stress Testing Analytics...5 septembre 2016

What is the best time to reach you for a phone discussion?

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After 5pm EST

Did the individual ask for detailed information on who you were in the process of interviewing with? Moins


Have you worked on an issue whose solution was not in your hands?

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Yes, I have. Briefly described the project I worked on. Told them how my design solution was not selected in lieu of another design. Moins

there are many solution every issue, try again to find out.

General Dynamics Electric Boat

What was your favorite class that you took in college?

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Hey , How did you dress knowing that you had to take a tour of the facility? Moins

Hey , How did you dress knowing that you had to take a tour of the facility? Moins


Most of the question are from pump characteristics and NPSH

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I answered reasonably well

Spirit AeroSystems

How would you deal with a problem where not all the necessary information was given?

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Make conservative assumptions


What would you do if your patient went into cardiac arrest?

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Begin CPR, call for help.


Experience related with the position Software used Projects Availability Salary

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Years on the position software used in the projects 2 month 65000 euros/annualy

RHB Group

tell me about yourself, project you did in uni, your career goal, internship experience, some technical questions (can't remember)

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I didnt prepare really well as I dont expect it to be that technical


Previous work experience and general behavioural question (not too many). They care more about your professional skills

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I told them my previous project experience but it seems not that fit to the position. They need someone who knows the job scope and can work with little training Moins


basic questions related to strength of materials, design of machine elements and other favourite subjects

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Better not to elaborate just answer to the question sharp and sound

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