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On a demandé à un Stress Engineer...15 janvier 2020

Have you worked on an issue whose solution was not in your hands?

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Yes, I have. Briefly described the project I worked on. Told them how my design solution was not selected in lieu of another design. Moins

there are many solution every issue, try again to find out.


Most of the question are from pump characteristics and NPSH

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I answered reasonably well

Spirit AeroSystems

How would you deal with a problem where not all the necessary information was given?

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Make conservative assumptions


Experience related with the position Software used Projects Availability Salary

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Years on the position software used in the projects 2 month 65000 euros/annualy


Previous work experience and general behavioural question (not too many). They care more about your professional skills

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I told them my previous project experience but it seems not that fit to the position. They need someone who knows the job scope and can work with little training Moins


basic questions related to strength of materials, design of machine elements and other favourite subjects

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Better not to elaborate just answer to the question sharp and sound


Do you think that was a good design?

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Yes, because it reduces the installation time and saves cost.


What are some of the successful outcomes of your projects?

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Described my social project and how an NGO was born out of the idea.

Heath Tecna

same ole things.. Behavioral Questions who did you beat up at work..who did you inform.. how would you do things differently.. can you pass a 2nd interview with Panel Battery.. are you uncomfortable.. What do we really care?

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Up yours!

JGC GULF International

Knowledge about design and management skills were tested by the recruiters

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Interest about design was expressed by me. so i had been selected for the design related works Moins

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