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Elbit Systems
On a demandé à un Software Engineer Student...11 mars 2012

Implement x^y function in an imaginary proccessor who doesnt have +, /, * operators.

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without i+=1... the main idea is to iterate and do the sum mul with && // probably have some mistakes in what i wrote.. Moins

change numbers to binary call a func - f(x , x , 1) f (int a , int b , int i) { while i <= y { b = calc a*b with && || of binary nums; i+= 2; iterate with a ,b , i+1 } return answer } not organized but thats the idea... Moins

without i+=1... the main idea is to iterate and do the sum mul with && // probably have some mistakes in what i wrote.. Moins


There was no questions like "What would you do if..". It was more o fa free talk

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I went through my CV explaining in detail my experience, projects (college, professional) I worked on, chalenges faced while working on those projects and how I approached them and dealt with them. A bit about college experience and projects and the final project. Also gave some information about myself, what kind of person I am, what I like doing in my free time, etc. just to let them know that I am a "real" person and have interests outside work or work related. Moins

How long did it took you to get an offer letter (after the call from recruiter,confirming your selection) ? Moins

I didn't go through any recruitment agency. I applied for that position directly on IBM career website. As far as I can remember it took approximately 1-2 weeks to contact me after I sent the application and another week or two after my interview to get an offer. Moins


Write a code that gets a sentence and print the sentence in reverse. e.g. "My name is John" -> "John is name My"

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1) Split the string by spaces 2) Iterate the result array in reverse 3) Concatenating the words using StringBuilder Note: couldn't handle a case of multiple spaces example: " John " -> " John " Moins

Simple Reyes will do the trick [ ]{1,} Note the space between the square brackets Moins

Intel Corporation

Write a code which gets an array of size N with Natural numbers in it. The code needs to give every time a differet permutation of itself.

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I used a rand() twice to get 2 indexes randomly every time, and put modulo (%N) on the value to be in the range of the indexes. Moins

What mean every time a differet permutation? As I know set of permutations is finite. Moins

Nyotron Information Security

first exam included basic logical questions : 1. what is the angle of a analog watch showing 3:15 2. Imagine you'r in the desert, needed to cross 700km of sand. you have 7kg gold bar which you can only cut twice. in order to cross the desert you found yourself a vicious taxi driver which will take apportion of that gold bar and it will be equivalent to the km he will take you. you cant pay in front the whole 7kg. 3. 9 barrels riddle : you can scale only twice the barrels however you want, all eight barrels weight is equivalent except one heavier barrel. find the heavy barrel.

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1. 0 2. [ - | -- | ---- ] <--- golden bar with the cuts... 3. dividing barrels to 3 groups , each group with 3 barrels... put on the Weighing scale the two groups and leave group num 3 outside. if the scale is balanced take the third group and repeat the 2nd scale with only 3 barrles... finding the heavy one. else if the scale unbalanced take the heavier group and then do the same with the 2nd scale to the 3 left barrels. Moins

1. (360/12)/4 = 7.5 degrees


Given an array with integers, return the array so that it will not have any consecutive duplicates.

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quickest answer is to run through array and do: check value in hash if not there then add it to hash and print if it is there do nothing O(n) in operation and memory Moins

Previous does not fulfill the requirement for *consecutive*. Solution requires extra var: void PrintArrayNoConsecutive(int[] array) { if (array.Length > 0) { var n = array[0]; System.Println(n); for (int i = 1; i < array.Length; ++i) { if (n != array[i]) { n = array[i]; System.Println(n); } } } } Moins

Spirit AeroSystems

Do you have any experience with FEM?

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Told them what I knew about it and how fast of a learned I am.

Gilat Satellite Networks

implementation of a combinational circuit which can check wheather the desire string is given as an input or not.

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combinational citcuit which performs bitwise XOR between each two bits of the input. Moins

FMC Technologies

Technical Questions Every Engineer should know. (i.e. Statics, Thermodynamics, Materials, Engineering Economics)

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Honestly, If you do not know something tell the interviewee. Just do your best and be grateful for the opportunity. Moins

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