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Why HSBC ? how do you see the economy in 50 years ? what should hsbc do in order to be prepared ? Tell me about a time you helped someone express his opinion

How many babies are more each year in Nigeria?

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Pourquoi le Credit Rating plutôt que la banque d'affaire / asset management / audit?

First interview: -Which division do you want to work in ? Equity vs fixed income at morgan stanley in recent years + sales, trading or structuring -CV related questions -Would you rather work alone or in a team ? -What financial derivatives do you know ? -How would you explain risk aversion to a 5 year old ? -Tell me about a time you had to be persistent to achieve something Second interview: - Why are you interviewing at Morgan Stanley today ? - Do you know what a straddle is ? - How do you handle a failing member in a team ? - Would you rather work alone or in a team ? - What were your benchmarks for success in your past experiences ? - Tell me about at time you improved a process in your job ? how did you sell the idea to your boss ?

Donnez-moi une situation complexe à laquelle vous avez été confrontée et quels solutions avez-vous trouvé ?

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