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Pourquoi le Credit Rating plutôt que la banque d'affaire / asset management / audit?

How many babies are more each year in Nigeria?

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First interview: -Which division do you want to work in ? Equity vs fixed income at morgan stanley in recent years + sales, trading or structuring -CV related questions -Would you rather work alone or in a team ? -What financial derivatives do you know ? -How would you explain risk aversion to a 5 year old ? -Tell me about a time you had to be persistent to achieve something Second interview: - Why are you interviewing at Morgan Stanley today ? - Do you know what a straddle is ? - How do you handle a failing member in a team ? - Would you rather work alone or in a team ? - What were your benchmarks for success in your past experiences ? - Tell me about at time you improved a process in your job ? how did you sell the idea to your boss ?

Relatively average programming tasks (operating with arrays, hashtables, breadth/depth first search kind of solutions, sometimes some gotcha needed). No graphs or BSTsfor instance. Half of the tasks I've seen online or in the books before almost exacly as was asked. After initial tasks usually comes questions how you can parrallel this or do the same for much larger data input. Many questions about knowing the framework and main language features for checking depth of knowledge or what has changed for the last N years. More or less the same for skype and onsite difficulty level. HR type of questions they will ask almost all of them you can find in the web along the process (worst challenge, when did you fail etc.).

Why HSBC ? how do you see the economy in 50 years ? what should hsbc do in order to be prepared ? Tell me about a time you helped someone express his opinion

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