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Case interview

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Structured framework with hypothesis, engaged the interviewer by checking his opinions in the middle, and did market sizing, and solved the proble in a structured way

Why consulting? Why CL? What courses are you taking this semester? What do you want to ask about us?

I wanted to ask whether you're able to provide more information around the projects which you have completed?

What is your personal Moral Motto? How do you push new ideas? Is there any situation when you gave up? How do you work with people from different background? What was the last time that you wre so interested in sth and lose sense of time? What is the new knowledge and skills that you acquire most recently? Do you prefer to do research deeply or broadly? Demotivating thing?

How do you think this experience helped you to get where you are now ?

J'ai 8 balles complètement indiscernables visuellement et une balance Roberval (à plateaux). Une des balles est plus lourde. Comment, en 2 pesées, trouver ladite balle ?

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How many babies are more each year in Nigeria?

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