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SF State University
On a demandé à un Summer Student Research Assistant for CARE Lab...13 octobre 2019

What projects would you be interested in working on?

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I said that I would be interested in doing controls. When Dr. Quintero started to list a few projects, I picked the projects that I was interested in. Moins

I will be interested in creativity projects

I would be interested in fabrication and creativity projects, I like inventing into new ideas Moins


Tell me about yourself?

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Start your little story, including 3 unique experiences that prove 3 skills, chronologically. Moins

3 skills that an idea candidate will have.


-What is the Delta of "deep in the money option" ? - Integration of x * exp(-x) ?

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Answered 65 % .

Delta of deep in the money is close to 1 for a call option and -1 for a put option. Intgrl of X^-x --> no antiderivative exists. Moins


talk about yourself

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why you want this job

Ontario Ministry of Community & Social Services

Tell us a time where you resolved a work conflict.

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Hello, Thanks for the information, would you be able to provide me your email to send you a couple of questions regarding the application. Also, how were you able to match the key words in your resume. Moins

Canada Post

Why do you want to work for Canada Post.

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Research the company and learn about what they do for the community and their values. Moins

UC Irvine

How did you handle an unsatisfied guest?

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I told them about a story I worked as a store manager of a complaint a guest had with merchandise. Talked it over with the district manager and turned him away after valid reasoning. Moins

RBC Investor Services

tell me about yourself

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why rbc


Am I willing to take a drug and alcohol test, for a safety sensitive job.

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American Friends Service Committee

If I could be in the same location when they wanted me to.

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I told them that due to COVID, certainty of moving anywhere while the position was remote seemed an unrealistic ask. Moins

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