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Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa
On a demandé à un Player's Club Representative/Supervisor...4 septembre 2021

A lot of the questions asked were mostly about who you are to your core. It would be hard to fake it through 4 interviews.


Qual foi o maior desafio já vivido por você?

Clínica Sim Médica

Costumava trabalhar com metas?

As perguntas são apenas sobre a experiencia do candidato, onde ja trabalhou, oque fazia, como era.

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Tell me about a stressful time and how you managed it.

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When I returned from maternity leave I was having to balance both my personal and professional life. I had to learn how to separate the two and ease back into work. By identifying my tasks and what was most important, I was able to quickly get back into the swing of my normal work life. I was so quick to get back in the swing with things in a matter of weeks I was able to assist my peers with their tasks and take on additional projects. Moins

Scotts Lawn Service

- Are you willing to work long hours? - Are you willing to work 6 days a week? - Have you ever worked in Sales?

American Airlines

Describe a time when you had a difficult customer and how did you handle the situation?

American Airlines

Why do you believe you will be a good supervisor?

American Airlines

What do you believe are the traits of a supervisor?

James Hardie Building Products

None of the questions were difficult. The people were just unprofessional.

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