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On a demandé à un Supplier Quality Engineer...11 mars 2016

The phone interview included immigration-related questions. Out of topic, probably illegal.

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It is not illegal to ask someone if they have legal status to work in

It is not illegal to ask potential employee if they have legal working status in country. It's called due diligence. It is illegal to hire someone who does not have work authorization. Maybe they asked something else, otherwise it is the right thing to ask by potential employer. Moins

The question was why I left my past country to lie in Canada. Was it ok?

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I was asked a question about automotive quality systems regarding PPAP's (Production Part Approval Process).

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Can you tell me what was your question, please?

I was able to answer the question because I have experience working in the automotive industry. Moins

Tata Motors


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Past year Over confidence is my weakness its make some negative results but I now overcome it by using full involvement in my work and initially analys the work before start Moins

Kamjori takat

Weakness and strength both are created by our mentality. If we think we are strong then we can achive what ever we want at the same time if we think we are weak then we can't achive it. Moins


How do you think we make these parts (They had enclosures of macbook and iphone) ? How else would you make it ? T

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hey probably wanted to know if I knew about manufacturing processes and if I can think out of the box. Moins

Zep Solar

Questions were about stuff on my resume and general quality and reliability based questions. Had seven one on one interviews. One of the interviewers was dwelling deep into reliability of their products. I got a feeling that he was expecting specifics about their products and methods.

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What are some of the reliability tests that you can think of for a junction box.


What are my expectations for this job?

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I want to grow professionally and continue working for the company.


Mainly they will ask about supplier manufacturing process

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What is the difference in the supplier document requirements between AS9100C, and AS9100D? How does a company that's ISO 9001 certified fail an internal audit? What does MIL-STD-883, Method 5011 say? Which method of the MIL 883 standard address microcircuits? What is the difference between the MIL-STD-883 and -750? Which alloys are used in an eutectic die attach process? What is the reflow temperature in an eutectic die attach process? What is the melting point temperature in an eutectic die attach process?

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Whether my responses were correct, or incorrect, would not have added any value to the interview. I would have been more than happy to discuss their applications, but that apparently was not important to to the interviewers as was the trivia. All they did was eat up the interview time. These were the kinds of questions that one would expect for an entry level candidate, and not a tenured engineer with 12 years of manufacturing experience. Moins

John Deere

Name a time you worked in a team showing your skill in leadership.

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I drove the machine shop and production control activities at Vector Aeromotive. It was imperative I kept a group of 20 technicians on track and properly supplied with parts and equipment to keep the build process on track. Moins

GE Healthcare

Normal questions for engineers - Give an example when X happened and what you did to overcome

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Rehearse ahead of time. Get all your stories - with real data written down.

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