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Virgin Orbit
On a demandé à un Supplier Quality Manager...12 février 2018

Comment: The "Did You get an offer" question should have more choices.

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Since this was just the first screening interview, at this point no offer was expected. Other choices should include : No offer was expected/ Early in process. No Offer yet, still waiting. Moins

Cadence Design Systems

which tools I know or plan to learn for Data analysis

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Python and Pandas.

the LEGO Group

How to ensure good quality and what methods to I would use

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Tried to go over the methods that I would use. Also after a day or two, I had some more reflections on the question and sent some more feedback to hiring manager. Moins

the LEGO Group

If I would consider the distance to work to be too long

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Not so relevant, as I wanted to relocate any way (had 150 km each way to Struer). Now only 75 km each way Moins


What is your management style?

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What is your goal and objectives for this job role?

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To meet more people and contribute to the company


How can you be successful in this role

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With support and help from the boss /mentor


How you deal with difficult employee

Constellation Brands

What is your management style

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To implement a well cross-trained knowledgeable team

the LEGO Group

To make a presentation for a case

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Made my presentation and did my best at the interviews.

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