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On a demandé à un IT Support Manager...12 janvier 2015

If you were asked to unload a 747 full of jelly beans, what would you do?

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Assuming they are loose jellybeans, and their unloading needs to be managed rather than just dumped on the tarmac ... Start by phoning the people at the other end, of the process. They managed to load an entire plane with jellybeans! Any group that can figure out how to fill a plane with jellybeans may be a big help in undoing this mess. Moins

Put an ad on craigslist "Free jellybeans - won't last. Hurry!". They'll all be gone in no time. Moins

I would do it. The question is not "how" you would do it.

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Are you ready to stand the work pressure ?

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I missed work pressure.


Any other questions. Only pressure

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What is a VLAN and why is it used, what are the advantages and challenges. What is STP. Describe a time where you helped a peer who was struggling, what did you do to help and what was the outcome. What are some Linux Directories and their uses. Describe everything you know about the DHCP process. Group Policy fails on a client, how would you troubleshoot this. Describe your most technically challenging issue and how you solved it. What is the difference between a switch and a router. Name some TCP and UDP ports/uses. What is the OSI model and why is it used.

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Thanks m8, you really helped

thank you for sacrificing yourself to help others! I was able to use your questions in preparation for my hirevue and have an onsite interview this upcoming monday. thanks again man! Moins

Im going to have a video interview next week as well via hirevue with the same position. Im interested to know what are the questions they've asked during your hirevue interview. I very much appreciate it! Moins

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The most unexpected question was how they knew they could trust me to learn the system after my training elsewhere.

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Although I told them that I always devoted myself to everything, they demanded proof. I pointed to my references and told them that, if they wanted proof, it could be found there. Moins

This is not a question I have used but the question is logical and leads to a simple response to speak about a time when you were confronted by a difficult or overwhelming learning opportunity. I certainly would not recommend passing that opportunity to stand out on to your interviewer and/or references. I'd be remiss if I didn't address the disparaging remarks about our development team. Not that it is necessary for management because both management and our development team members have an excellent relationship and utmost respect for each other and all parties know this to be untrue. Our developers are very hard working and have produced a half dozen new products and hundreds of smaller enhancements this year alone. These and others are selling very well in our markets allowing us to hire on many more new employees this year than ever before. We like our developers to be free to innovate on their schedule so we work with them on flexible hours and our most of our developers enjoy coffee so many days we hold our daily sprint meetings to discuss current projects at a coffee shop. I hope this addresses all of the concerns but if not my door is always open to discuss any concerns or ideas. Regards, John Moins

Developers at CE are required to work 24/7 & for anyone to say that they're "flexible" is a flat out lie. Yes, they typically leave for coffee in the morning & are gone for about an hour. They also take frequent breaks throughout the day but when you have such a poor work/life balance, I see nothing wrong with that. Just know that when your phone rings at 4am, you better be ready... and it happens more often than any of them will ever admit. The horrible bags under their eyes will say more than anything I write here. The CE developers are also not very welcoming when someone needs clarification on something and god forbid you question what they're doing. They could care less about the "minions" around them so the defensive response above is not surprising. The "founding" developers have a lot of respect for each other and are very protective of their department but unfortunately they haven't been able to successfully bring in someone new from the outside to join the team... If you aren't being promoted to the department from within the company, assume that you won't be a good fit for them. They're more concerned with finding the next big thing that they can brag about to clients than they are with fixing the products that they already have.... it looks better for the company if they have cool new (glitchy) toys to purchase but how about that calendar or the directory or the articles or the editor or site statistics or anything else that their own clients have desperately begged to be reworked for the past 10 years? No, instead members can now submit food orders through their phones. Great work. The reviews on this company speak for themselves. Moins

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Tata Communications

Most difficult question is of Salary expectations.

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We can never get what we want.


Its depends on company norms also consider my experience and knowledge if meet the market criteria i can go with that Moins

Super 8

How will you balance your family and home life with working a night shift?

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I don't think that question is legal. You're not supposed to factor in family and personal factors in your hiring decisions, the candidate isn't even required to disclose the fact he/she HAS a family. Moins

Working night shift means I am there during the day to help with child are and house work what is brilliant. I am also taking additional supplements to support my body during this change and of course I have specific times to sleep. It's great!!! Moins

I don’t have a family it’s only me so honestly won’t be a problem

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Future Academy

The IT manger asking things that are not in common, like what is the results of using a less than one meter network cable !!

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I think that's stupid

1- Connecting any System to a nearby network socket ( wall or switch ).. 2- Using it as a batch cord in the network patch panel.. Moins

Another answer : a less than one meter network

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Asseco Group

Are you willing to stay in our company for later periods or were you planning on staying temporarily, for just a couple of months?

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I'm willing to stay as long as I earn some experience from this work and contribute to your company. I have the planned Master studies in Utrecht, Netherlands, though, so I plan to stop by internship a bit earlier so I can continue my further "upgrade". Moins

I am willing to stay as long. I want to long term planning to join company and settle in Belgrade. Moins

Im willing to stay for later period


If you have a 5 gallon jug and a 3 gallon jug how do you get exactly 4 gallons?

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Fill the 3 gallon. Pour into the 5. Fill the 3 gallon again, pour into the 5. You now have a full 5 gallons and 1 gallon left in the 3 gallon. Dump the 5 gallon out. Pour the one gallon into the 5 gallon. Fill the 3 gallon and pour into the 5. You now have 4 gallons in the 5 gallon jug. Moins

Fill the 5 gallon jug and transfer the 3 gallon to 3 gallon jug, what remains in 5 gallon is 2 gallons . Collect this 2 gallon. repeat the same to collect another two gallon. Add the 2 gallon(collected)+ 2 gallon (later) = 4 gallon Moins

AdventHealth Corporate

Do you prefer remote work or on-site?

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On site

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