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On a demandé à un Quantity Surveying...20 août 2014

What is the unit weight of steel ?

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7850 kg/m3

FGP International

What hours would you be interested in working ?

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I told them that I would like to work evenings.

25-28 hours a week whatever time. I’m new in the workforce and a lot of hours overwhelms me. But I am dependable and reliable. Moins

SAM Companies

When can you start? Which didn’t matter to them.

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Set up interview

Set up interview

Earles Architects and Associates

Where do you see yourself in a year

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Established in a company

British Engineering Services

what is your weakness

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How you can make a customer happy?

Regarding religious practice, will you need a separate room (seperate accommodation) ?

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No. The space that is available (particular office space) is fine.


Can you read the script of a survey phone call and ask the interviewer the survey.

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I read the script successfully.

Millman National Land Services

How to make the job work for both parties

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Negotiated it, though later on wish I had things in writing as they went back on their word on most things. Moins

Yale School of Medicine

Are you available between 1 pm - 7pm monday through friday?

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Yes And I can start a.s.a.p.

Air America Flight Center

You are 8 miles from a class bravo airport. You are also 2 miles from an uncontrolled airport. You lose 80% of your rpm, in a 172, what do you do?

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First thing fly the plane. Aim for best glide speed. Start flying towards the uncontrolled airport. Turn on carb heat and go through engine roughness checklist. Be prepared for engine failure. Notify ATC of your intentions if you have time and if engine fails declare emergency, squawk 7700. Moins

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