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Laurentian Bank
On a demandé à un Systems Analyst - SQL Database Administrator...1 avril 2013

They dont give any difficulties, staff are good, manager are really good and co-operative, they call you in person to hire you.

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I have an interview scheduled for the post of a software developer at B2B Bank (Bay Street). I am curious to know about their work environment. Their employee layoff tendency. Are you still working here ? Moins

When i was hired, Toronto IT Environment for only support of existing system, they did not have too much work to do, All development is going on in Montreal. Make sure when you go to interview, ask them question about project that you have to work on. When i was working there, they have only support staff, no new development, for any new development they contact to Montreal development center. They do not layoff people generally. Other than everything good, People are good, Manager are co-operative, senior staff are good too. I left company in 2012. Thanks, Moins

General technical Questions

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Who are you as a person?

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IT crowd


Super basic questions once I got to the managers, so much so that I don't even remember what they were.

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It was clear my interview was a formality.


Questions were very easy as team was intellectually challenged. What is your family background?

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none of your business


few ways of ibsatlling oracle db


Introduccion de empresa y posicion e intereses Presentacion de Historial Laboral con CV Prueba de Personalidad y Aptitudes Entrevista Tecnica


Same thing with all questions listed below by other applicants. Linux/Unix commands, basic networking questions, etc ... One Database Administrator questions, don't bluff on resume. Make sure you know your DBA stuffs. ... Most technical questions were from what I mentioned on my resume. Above all, be yourself and you will get the job


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