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State Government of Victoria
On a demandé à un Business Systems Manager...28 juillet 2012

Tell me about a time when you managed the customer expectation in a large change program

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The difficulty of this question is to quantify a large change program that you have managed with enough detail Moins

I think the key to this question is split up your answer in terms of what is the change that will affect your relationship with customers and then go to the how you did it part. The how part mainly revolves around research and good communication skills. Moins

MTN Irancell

what is your plan for next 5 years

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being in your place

Improving my working experience in a bigger company

Cox Communications

The ask you about your last salary. If what you made us over what they are paying or you are not willing to accept a new job with this company at your old rate of pay, they make up reasons as to why they don't think you are a good fit for the role that you are interviewing for... it is all silly politics here

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I provided my current salary.

Your current salary has nothing to do with the new job you are applying to. In many states, it is illegal for future employers to ask your current salary. Moins

Harkness Screens

Project experience to date

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Gave five examples of projects that I implemented on previous roles

Keppel FMO

What is your experience in working with different cultures ?

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I have 13 years of experience in Asia with present company and also 2 years with users from different cultures Moins

Symmetry Corp

What's your strongest skill?

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Process Improvement - reducing the variables - simplification, I enjoy simplifying and automating tasks wherever possible. Moins


What is your background?

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Talked about Army, doing computers in Army, correspondence courses

University of St. Andrews

What were my thoughts about mobile devices replacing PCs

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I didn't think that mobile devices would replace PCs. Rather there will be the need to ensure that content and services target multiple devices types. Moins

Norwegian Cruise Line

What situation with my last employer caused me to feel inadequate

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You were not competent enough to do the job.

US Army

The most difficult part of the process is obtaining a clearance.

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I obtained my clearance quickly and without issue

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