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On a demandé à un Tax Attorney...14 décembre 2019

I was asked to explain the entries in my resume.

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I gave more detailed descriptions of my previous work.

Baker Tilly International

Why do you chose taxation?

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I am knowledgeable on the basic accounting principles and tax law as I graduated management accounting and law. Moins


If we asked your current manager, would he recommend you for this job and why?


They asked how I became interested in tax law


What are your strengths and weaknesses


Nothing in depth tax related at all! They asked me about my experience with tax law and why I chose tax law.

Comptroller of Maryland

What would you do if your supervisor told you to change the determination you made on a case?

HIREtech (TX)

What made you want to go to law school?


Tax questions


What did you do to prepare for this interview?

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