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On a demandé à un Tax Analyst...26 avril 2011

Does life fascinate you

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If life fascinated me, why would I interview for a position at Ernst & Young? Moins

Sure, life fascinates me. Take this interview for example...isn't it fascinating the number of possible answers you might get to this question? There are an endless variety of ways that people might respond. Don't you find that fascinating? Moins

Ya, alot more than this stupid interview!!

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questions were,depreciation? Is gold depreciated?tax on agriculture income,tax slabs,probability,and one sum was also given to solve

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What sort of questions do they ask in managerial round in ey ? Can anyone tell me? Moins

Oh..thanku..n i will do let you know

Can someone share their contact number? I have got few doubts

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Do you have any questions?

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Yes. Who killed Biggie & Tupac?

Yes. How did Caitlyn Jenner get away with murder?

Do bees laugh?

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Erik took a $5,000 distribution from his ROTH IRA to pay for a vacation to celebrate his 40th birthday. Since he opened the account 10 years ago, he has contributed $28,500. Will he have to pay any taxes on this distribution?

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Erik can withdraw as much as his Roth IRA contribution without tax and penalty. but if he want to withdraw the earning, he will own the income tax and 10% early withdraw penalty. Moins

You can take out any amount as long as its not over the amount you contributed but if its growth you will need to pay taxes on that amount Moins

It depends on what the expenses were that the student paid and which credit the parent is trying to take this will determine who can claim the credit there are stipulations that must be met. in order to provide a definitive answer More details are needed Moins

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Uganda Revenue Authority

Are u trainable

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i can be trained

i can be trainable and i have attended a number of training which has helped me to train other people to result out them for the better of the organization success. Moins

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Jackson Hewitt

Are you familiar with Jackson Hewitt Tax Service software?

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I don't know

I am not familiar

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Baker Tilly US

Have you ever worked in a public accounting firm.

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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Tell me about yourself? differences between cash basis and accrual?

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When was your interview?

How long did it take to hear if you got the job

Last week.

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Jamie is filing as single and has the following expenses for 2018: $9,250 mortgage interest, $10,350 state/local income taxes and real estate taxes, $500 charitable donations, $2,000 unreimbursed employee expenses. How much will Jamie’s federal itemized deductions total?

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Interesting Questions.

$9,250 + $10,000 + $500 = $19,750 under TCJA $2,000 unreimbursed employee expense is no longer deductible State/local taxes including property tax are capped at $10,000 under SALT as part of TCJA Her standard deduction for 2018 was $12,000 (nearly doubled under TCJA) is less than her itemized deduction so she'd be better off take her itemized ded. Moins

Injured spouse claim (Form 8837)

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A taxpayer provides you with telephone records that show 60% personal use and 40% business use. His monthly bill is $75. How much of a deduction for business use would you allow on his taxes for the entire year?

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$30 would be the amount for one month. For the entire year, it would be $360?


$30 ($75 x .40 = $30)

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