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On a demandé à un Junior Tax Counsel...17 juillet 2016

Why should we be interested in you?

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Pointed to my relevant strengths and experiences.


Technical background and examples; generic interview questions (e.g., challenges faced, etc.)


Nothing in depth tax related at all! They asked me about my experience with tax law and why I chose tax law.

Koch Industries

All the typical attorney interview questions were asked and they made it a point to ask about how I felt about the CEO’s business philosophy based on the book.

Koch Industries

None of the questions were particularly surprising. My knowledge of consolidated returns seemed to be of particular interest to the Company.

Partners Group

How comfortable are you working independently versus working in a team?

California Franchise Tax Board

Tell us about a time when...

Partners Group

Describe a situation where you made positive feedback

California Franchise Tax Board

set by HR.

California Franchise Tax Board

I cannot disclose this, but I will say there were no technical or substantive questions.

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