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On a demandé à un Senior Manager Tax...24 novembre 2021

What was my level of skill wrt Excell

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Liberty Tax Service

What I understood about preparing tax returns on a consistent basis

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I had worked for H&R Block early in my career


Tell me about your past experience. What are your three to five year goals? What kind of tax research have you done recently? What articles have you written?

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I was honest about all of my past experience good and bad. I said I had hopes of making partner within a five year time frame. I asked follow up questions about culture, vision for the future and a description of what they considered the ideal candidate for this position to be. Moins


How do you handle working with competing priorities.

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Understand what projects and deliverables are critical to the success of my team and organization. Clear communication with management on what the challenges are. Prioritize work based on these inputs. Moins

HD Supply

They inquired extensively about my sales tax background, including: POS, tax calculation, improvements, research techniques, and personal goals.

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Answers were experience driven.


outside of resume type of discussion

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experiences that relate to position but not on resume


What is your best strenghth?

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My ability to use my technical knowledge to adapt to any business situation that I've faced so far in my career and provide the client the best possible solution for their unique situation. Moins


Why are you thinking of leaving your current job?

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Looking for a fresh challenge as I've imbedded systems that just require routine maintenance in my current position. Moins

Calibre CPA Group, PLLC

Where did I see myself in five years

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Working at Calibre


Do you have any international tax experience?

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Just reiterated what was already presented on my resume

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