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Metro Taxi
On a demandé à un Taxi Driver...10 avril 2018

Do you have driving experience?

2 réponses

Yes I do


Mears Transportation Group - Motor Coach Division

Landmarks test of area knowledge, you must know major landmarks or streets in the Orlando metro and attraction areas.

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If you us relocate someone must give you de opportunity to work. New person in the area is good sometime. Moins

Know 1-4, 434, 436, hwy 50 etc. not hard just major landmarks


Working honestly and safely

2 réponses

I answered Yes


How would you deal with angry customers?

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Calmly and professionally while ensuring not to anger the customer further. Assist them by helping them vent about what is bothering them and attempt to redirect any anger aimed at me or my company. Be understanding and most of all listen to the customer. Be a bucket of water on the fire, not a bucket of petrol! Moins

RailCrew Xpress

Are all accidents preventable?

1 réponses

Absolutely yes.

What is your customer interaction when the customer is angry at the service?

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I will try to come and ask the customer politely what what I should to accommodate the service to compensate him/her Moins

Honesty and knowledge about the city. Customer service and taking care of customers.

1 réponses

Very honest and I lived in Memphis all my life.

Discount Cab

Do you have anything on your driving recorded...Dui...excess tickets

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Checker Cab

What would be your biggest goals.

1 réponses

Own my own transportation.

Frias Transportation Management

Can you say "hello" in english, and do you shower once a month?

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This company will hire anyone.

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