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On a demandé à un ALT/Head Teacher/National Relief Teacher/Branch Trainer/Managing Consultant/Outside Placement...17 novembre 2014

The seminars may have up to 40 people in them so whatever questions they ask, you're answering in front of them plus the recruitment staff. We were asked "What would you do if a student gave you a wrong answer?"

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Say "That was close!" "Nearly." or at least "Good try!" to encourage all the students to keep trying and keep answering. Moins

City International School

They asked me about the SEN students,colour blindness issue etc.

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I answered about the montessori presentation of colour tablets to finalise the issue of blindness.if the child is blind he will not make the pair of tablet properly.n if he will repeat the same process agsin n again while doing it in the right way.We can judge the child whether he is blind or no Moins


How would you deliver negative feedback to a trainee?

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With a positive and constructive approach, but making sure that it's understood.

CorePower Yoga

Are you an E-RYT?

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Tell me something about yourself

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Peace Corps

Where you are going there is limited food options, how will you deal with this?

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To be honest, I’ll have no way of knowing how I will truly deal with this until I am there. I am joining the Peace Corps with the understanding that not everything is going to be easy, yet that’s also what is exciting about it. I am looking forward to immersing myself into a new culture—this means having flexibility on many things, but especially diet. Moins

Peace Corps

An experience living with or working with a different culture.

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I described an experience living in another culture, how it went, what I learned, etc. Moins


They asked whether I had had a similar job before

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British Council

Tell us of a time when you.... (faced problems with a co-worker/had problems with classroom management) What would you do if... type questions are also common

WhiteHat Jr

Questions related to your work experience

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