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Question paper was divided in 4-5 sections. 1st four being technical and the last 1 was English exam. Out of 4 technical sections, 1st two were multiple choice questions on Object oriented programming, sql,html,dbms. Last 2 were case studies to draw flowchart/BP diagrams and to showcase Project Management knowledge. Over all the test - Medium tough.

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Hello, tu peux m'expliquer un peu les questions sql? MP si tu prefers

Bonjour, pourriez-vous préciser quels types de questions étaient posées lors de l'entretien operationel? Merci d'avance pour votre aide

Do u still remeber the questions? It will really help

I had to fill in a technical test.

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Have you written the cv especially for the position....

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Cross functionnal peer: - Explain a subject I'm passionate about on a whiteboard (the guy took a picture of my diagrams at the end) - What is my favourite language and why? - Explain that to a non technical person

Coding interview: Write a method to generate the next generation from a given grid of the Conway's Game of Life

Peer: - If I type, what's happening? - how to choose the good data structure to find redundancy in a file containing datas - what’s happening if a hashtable is too small - what to do if a bug with a customer on my API - what to do if my database is too slow - how to estimate the size of datas to store to display google maps

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