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On a demandé à un Illustrator...18 juillet 2017

Why Ubisoft?

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my dream job

my dream job

I like your company and my favourite assassin's creed game is made by this company Moins


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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level designer


WayForward Technologies

Describe yourself with 3 adjectives.

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enthusiastic, hard-working and team player

Effervescent, driven, self-starter

King Show Games

Asked whether I would consider a different position that they saw me potentially more suited for.

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This is how they convince artists to become tech artists: same pay, no artistic duties. Moins

I replied that I would definitely consider it if they saw me as better equipped and better fit for a different open position. Moins

TNQ Technologies

Ready for shift hour work basis?

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yes i am ready for that.

Yes...iam ok for that

Chameleon Power

Why did you leave your old job?

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My personal morals no longer matched the beliefs of the company. Then I got the response from the owner, "oh no, you have morals. Might not work out then". Little did I know at the time, he has none. Moins


I was asked to do one trial illustration.

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I made one trial illustration

Case study: draw 3 types of illustrations consisting of 1. a character of your choosing in an A pose, 2. A background from the list given, 3. Compose a scene using 1 in an action pose, and 2 as the background. All of this HAVE to be done in Adobe Photoshop. Was given 3x24 hours to finish.

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Adobe Photoshop was because they mainly use this application in the production team Moins

Northern Virginia Graphics

They asked me were my interest was in art.

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I answered in photography, live people and doing product shots


Can you create a book a day?

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It depends on if it is color or black and white.

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