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Intense Technologies
On a demandé à un Technical Consultant (Software Sales)...18 août 2010

Where do you expect to be in 5 years time with respect to our organization?


Have you ever had an unsatisfied customer? What did you do to make them happy again?

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Yes. I went to different levels of the organization to find a remedy for the customer which ultimately made the customer happy again. KNOW YOUR RESOURCES!!! Moins

Hanna Instruments

Do you have any questions for me?

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Yes; after looking at my resume and speaking with me; Do you see value in having me join your sales team. "Yes" Than I ask for your recommendation to progress in your hiring process. Moins


What makes you qualified for this position?

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Went over my resume and how each job helped me get to this position

Miltenyi Biotec

Are you prepared to relocate to San Diego? (Unexpected, since I clearly specified in my cover letter and online automated interview response that I was looking for position in New England).

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Definitely not

Miltenyi Biotec

How would you go about making a sale?

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This was challenging for me because I lack sales experience [which I compensate for in technical knowledge]. Moins


I was asked to provide minute technical details of an opportunity that I worked on very early in my career.

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I have 30 years of experience in the pre-sales space. The expectation that I would remember fine points of detail for something that transpired in the late 1980s was certainly unexpected and perhaps unreasonable. It is important to point out that this was not with the hiring manager but an unknown person in the organization, presumably a superior to the hiring manager, as I never got a full name nor a business card. I can only conclude that the interviewer was focusing on eliminating me from contention for the position rather than performing an assay of my entire work history as to how the breadth and depth of my background would indicate the contribution I could make to the organization. After flying me to NYC after a number of phone interviews, this was unexpected to say the least. Upon my request for feedback,it was refused in one case. The request after 5 hours of interviews was not unreasonable and the refusal bordered on unprofessional. In the other case I received what I considered conflicting explanations for my lack of suitability for the position. Perhaps I dodged a bullet. Moins


What strengths can you bring to the role?

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Conscientiousness, thoroughness, technical knowledge and a proven history of continuous employment. Capable of working internally or externally, and an established record of self-management, along with a need to be learning, developing, and moving forward. Moins


Wie ergibt sich dein Lebenslauf bzw. wie hast du Entscheidungen getroffen dies betreffend?

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Im Nachgang wurden Reisekosten übernommen.


The technical aspect of products and technology comparison, middleware, open source vs proprietary software and etc.

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Knowledge on technology is required, and you need to have your own stance on why you choose technology A over technology B. Moins

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