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Sami Labs Limited
On a demandé à un Technical Sales Specialist...24 novembre 2019

Nanotechnology applications, its performance in india

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ranked the country according to the research done, told them the applications

As a chemist

What would be the first thing I would do on my first day

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Get the WiFi password, set up my laptop with my required apps, get to know my team Moins


What does GC stand for in a microbiology testing lab?

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Gas Chromatography

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Why is sales forecasting important?

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Important for the shareholders,...


What kind of customers do you serve

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Can be enterprise level as well as starters...................................... Moins

Johnson Controls

How would i rate my self with helping others.

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I said i will treat and help others as i would expect in return.


Explain the hardest concept you have learned in school as if I was four years old

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I tried to explain triple integrals


What are the differences between NoSQL and RDBMS?

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RDBMS is completely structured way of storing data. While the NoSQL is unstructured way of storing the data. And another main difference is that the amount of data stored mainly depends on the Physical memory of the system. While in the NoSQL you don't have any such limits as you can scale the system horizontally. Moins


hardest question was "what is DNS?"

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not that hard to explain.


Why did you choose Abbott?

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Technology interests within D.O.D. Have inactive Classified Secret Clearance.

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