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Konica Minolta
On a demandé à un Technical Service Representative...11 février 2014

Asked if working around a lot of women would make it hard to concentrate on work.

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I told them I had a girlfriend

All are Brothers and sisters


How would you solve a signal distribution problem customer call?

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Not sure, as I'm not all that familiar with signal distribution.

Until and unless he tells what is the product he is using i can't help him


What is DNS how do you describe DNS in layman terms?

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DNS is like a phonebook in non-technical terms, etc.

Graphic Packaging International

They asked me to describe a situation that I did not handle correctly, and what I did to fix it and/or be sure I would not do the same thing in the future.

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Told them about the situation that happened, and how it affected my relationships at work until I ade the step to amend the situation and resolve it. Moins


Was there ever a time that you had to give someone step by step instructions

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Told personal anecdote about giving a friend driving directions

Stratus Technologies

Flexibility with the shift

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My answer was yes


Are you committed to the area?

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Why are you looking for a new career

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I said that I was looking for an opportunity that could lead to more advancement down the road. Moins


Asked about a challenging situation from my prior job.

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Related an experience.


Why you are with Tala Mobile

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The Goals and Mission of Tala is similar of my Goals

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